Q. Why do I need this utility?

A. If you are a Network Administrator, you may already be aware that there isn't really a quick, easy and customizable solution that is built into Windows where you can create multiple user accounts in Active Directory that gives you all the features that this utility offers. This software is ideal for a lab or school environment where accounts are revolving or accounts needs to be refreshed from time to time. With unique accounts assigned to each user, the network administrator has the flexibility to impose scripts, group policies or other management techniques to improve security or to adhere to business protocols.

Q. Does this program get installed or does it modify any system files?

A. This program will not change any system files and it is a run-time application which doesn't require installation. It runs as a standalone application on any computer with Windows XP or higher. It has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7. In the Excel mode, it has been tested using Excel from Office 2003.  Customers have used it on Windows 2008 without any problems. AVOID running this on a Domain Controller as it has administrative .exe that will conflict with this utility.  No damage will be done if run on DC, but accounts may not be created.

Q. How can I get a demo of this?

A. Register and create an account to download the FREE edition so that you can evaluate it and make sure it works for you.  If you encounter problems, please look in the support or manual section.  If you still have trouble, please don't hestitate to contact us and we will get it to work for you.



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