ITHelpMe Active Directory Bulk Account Creator 2.5 Manual – Excel Mode
1) The first thing to do before running the software in Excel mode is to prepare the Excel file.  Please use the sample Excel file that was provided with the program.  There are 25 columns (the picture below shows the first seven) and these must be in the order that they are in. DO NOT change the order.   The first row is the description row and the program ignores this row when it is run.  You should also leave the first row alone, however you may change the text to suite your descriptions.  The columns that are in bold ( there are 3 of them) are required values and can not be left blank.  The rest of the columns are optional and you may leave them blank. If the password field is left blank, the account will still be created but the account will be disabled by default.




2) In the picture below, do not skip lines. This is bad and the program will not create any accounts that are under the skipped line




3) All the columns are self-explanatory with the exception of a few which I will go into detail shortly.  The cardinal rule with all columns is that if the values have spaces in them, you must enclose them in quotes.  In the picture above, notice that in Column 5 and 6, the values with spaces are enclosed in quotes.

Columns 6, 13, 14 requires that the format be in D.N ( Distinguished Name).  If you already know how to manually put this in, that’s Great!  Essentially, you work your way up in a hierarchal fashion in your domain information tree. If you do not know, please see the video tutorial on how to use Active Directory Explorer to get these values.  A.D. Explorer is a free software and I suggest that you use it to avoid any typographical errors.  It can be downloaded from the website.

Pay particular attention to Column 14. This column is unique as it is the only column that can accept multiple values.  Please use a space as the delimiter between the multiple values.




4) In the last column or column 25, the program will only understand the value of “modify”.  If the accounts to be created are brand new accounts, just leave the value blank.  If the account exist and you intend to modify any account attributes such as the account’s password, description, etc.. then you must set column 25 to have a value of “modify”.  Accounts that exists and their associated column 25 left blank or any other value besides “modify”, then it will be skipped so don’t worry about the program harming existing accounts.  Please see the video tutorial if you are still unsure how to set this column.




5) Once you are done prepping the Excel file, run the program and at the main screen, choose the Excel mode.  It will then open a window to allow you to browse and select your Excel file.
6) Lastly, it will give you a snippet of a few accounts that it will create before actually running the program.  Confirm your intention and it will create the accounts.  If you run into problems, please be sure to check the Excel file for any errors.

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