Our pricing is very reasonable and best of all is that once you buy it, the software is yours to keep forever.  No Reoccurring or maintenance fees.

Below are the cost for 1 License for each of the edition.  1 License allows you to use the program by 1 employee only (person named on the license).  If another employee would like to use the program, he/she must buy a seperate license.  The site-wide license allows any person in your organization to use it. 

$0 $49 $69 $79 $450



 What's the difference between each edition?


You get the full program, both the Wizard Mode and Excel mode.  It is exactly the same as the Enterprise edition but the number of accounts that can be created is limited. This is meant to serve as a trial.


Some people may not need the Excel mode, so the Basic version only has the Wizard mode


This has both the Wizard Mode and Excel mode but it can only support the first seven columns, which are First, Middle and Last Name, Login Name, Display Name, O.U and password.


This has everything, both Wizard and Excel mode.  All the columns in Excel mode are supported.


This is the Enterprise version but has no limitation on whom in your organization can use it. 

Why buy from us?

  • FREE upgrade for LIFE.  When we have a newer version, it's yours for free.  Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and when announced, contact us for the new version.
  • The cost is very reasonably priced since this software does only one thing and it does it really well.
  • We are not a big corporation.  We are a small company, in fact, it's so small that I'm the sole developer
  • We are based in the U.S.A (no outsourcing here)

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