Q. When I use the Excel mode, I'm getting an "Array Variable" error.


A. At minimum, you should have at least 3 rows of accounts listed in the Excel spreadsheet.



Q. I ran the program and no accounts are created, why?

A. It is very critical that all syntax in the Excel file is correct. Please use the sample xls file that came with the program as a reference. The most likely cause is perhaps quotations marks are not being used around values which has spaces in them. FYI: You may use formulas such as CONCATENATE to generate quotes around values to make data entry quicker and easier. Please see the 2 minute tutorial on how to do this. In addition, if you are using Windows 7 as the client, make sure you that you run the program as admin. To do so, right click on the exe and choose "Run as Administrator"

A. Also, if you have the Remote Admin Support Tools installed, this program conflicts with some .exe program.  I recommend you run this program on another computer, preferably a Virgin computer that does not have anything installed besides Windows and Excel. I recommend using a Virtual Machine if you have one.  Use RDP to connect to your domain controller to check whether the accounts are created afterwards.

A. Another issue could be special characters.  Remove characters such as commas. We've seen it where if commas are in Column 5 or the Display/Common name, accounts will fail to create

Q. Can I run it under Windows 7?

A. We actually recommend that you run the software under Windows 7 or Windows XP because you'll need Excel installed for this software to work and why would you want to install Excel on a Domain Controller? So it should be runned on a desktop OS. Just make sure in Windows 7, to right click on the program and run as an Administrator.

Q. Why is the program so slow and it fails to create the accounts?

A. Again, the issue is likely the syntax of the Excel file. Make certain that your LDAP structure or DIT (Directory Information Tree) is correct and that column 6 is pointing to an OU that exists. For example, make certain that ou=users,dc=acme,dc=com does indeed exist in your organization. This example is fictitious so change accordingly. If you still have problems, please send us a sample of your Excel file and we'll be happy to look at it.


If you tried all the above and still have issues, please visit our Remote Control section.

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