Local Account Creator

Users128 Similar to its big brother, the Bulk Account Creator, this software can create bulk accounts on the Local Computer instead of Active Directory.  Creating mass accounts on the local machine is now a breeze and is done in one swoop by using the power and flexibility of Excel.  It is really simple to use and it is fast.


Program Features:

  • - Fast and easy to use
  • - Quick, Easy and Time Saving
  • - It does 1 thing and 1 thing only and that is to create accounts on the Local Computer so because of this, it's not overly complex.
  • - This is a Stand-alone application that does not need to be installed.  It is a very small file. Just double click it to run.
  • - Shows real time progress of account creation with statistics on how long it took to run 
  • - One of a kind software on the market.  We aren't aware of any software that will create mass accounts on the local computer

System Requirements:

  • - Runs on any computer with XP or higher and only requires Excel to be installed


Watch the Video on how to use

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