Printer Pricing

Our pricing for the network printer install is very simple. It is $1 per computer but the minimum purchase must be $15. Alternatively, a site-wide license is $495 and this may make sense if your company has many more computers than what the single license would cost. The registered version will not have the countdown screen and it will be licensed to your company name and it can be further customized to your liking.

If you are a independent contractor, I.T. Consultant, etc.. and wish to use this utility for your clients or customers, you must purchase a contractor license which is $395 and this allows you to use it for every 10 customers that you service. If your customers have 200 or more computers that need this software, please have each customer purchase their own license. Thank you for abiding by our licensing terms. Hard work is put into the creation of the software and revenue is not what you may assume.

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